Overview of PASERO's personal data handling

When visiting the website, PASERO-MI Ltd. collects Personal Data on its visitors and registered users. We don’t sell your Personal Data to anybody. Read this quick overview or go to the full privacy policy here:

Registration and billing

- To provision you the service
  • Personal data: name, email address, billing information
  • Third Parties used: Amazon Web Services, ProtonMail, online payment&accounting service provider, accountant
  • Retention: 8 years if required by law
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Visitors and cookies

- For user experience & statistics
  • Personal data: IP, browser info, webpage usage information
  • Third Parties used: Amazon Web Services, Google Analytics
  • Retention: 90 days
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- Personal data you might upload when using the service
  • Personal data: contract signatories and contacts, name and email address of users, e-mail address of your customers, free text within comments and descriptions
  • Third Parties used: Amazon Web Services
  • Retention: until you have an account
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Rights and questions

  • Rights regarding Personal Data for Registered users
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PASERO contact information

- if you have any questions
  • PASERO-MI Ltd.
  • H-1221 Budapest, Ady Endre ut 87, Hungary
  • privacy@pasero.me
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Instructions for compliant personal data sharing with MailerLite

data processing agreement mailerlite

About MailerLite

MailerLite is an email marketing platform, allowing you to quickly design newsletters & marketing campaigns and monitor audience interaction. The company is focused on creating an intuitive solution with a true customer focus.

Instructions for signing the data processing agreement template

When you register for the service, the data processing agreement provided by MailerLite comes into force. You can review the data processing agreement on their webpage. If you are satisfied with their terms, there is nothing else you need to do.

How does PASERO help meet data controller and processor responsibilities?

No matter whether you are a data controller or a data processor, to achieve data protection compliance, you'll have to maintain a number of data processing agreements (DPAs). Preferably, these DPAs set out the same requirements across your business relations, but often you'll just have to accept the terms that are given to you. PASERO provides you three essential tools that help you stay on top of these DPAs:

  • Decrease time to compliance: With our database of top vendors and instructions on how to get DPAs signed, you can quickly meet the requirements of a written agreement and will have all relevant information at one place when needed - like this for MailerLite.
  • Automate supply-chain disclosure requirements: As soon as you select a vendor within PASERO, we can automatically generate you an HTML page to be included in your privacy policy, an RSS feed to be shared with your customers, and email notifications of the changes. In case all your customers accept the change, you are already done.
  • Get an overview of your DPA terms (coming): Unfortunately, it is rarely the case that all DPAs have the same terms for all topics. But PASERO can help you in making your business decisions by showing you a comparision of the key differences.

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